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X-ray crystallography is the most effective tool for the elucidation of macromolecular structure. The Macromolecular Crystallography Core Facility offers researchers the opportunity to determine structures which can have a profound impact upon their own research. The facility is in a position to carry out structure determination and analysis on a service basis, but also encourages users with prior experience to use the facilities independently. We offer services for setting up crystallization trials, x-ray data collection, structure determination and structure analysis. We are also in a position to assist in the interpretation of existing structures available in the Protein Data Bank and to assist in homology modeling.




iLab: the facility now uses iLab for scheduling and logging usage. Please connect to the Crystallography Core Facility to schedule time on equipment and request services. I've made a little user guide for the most common applications. The Princeton core iLab page shows links to two training sessions in mid-June and links to the recorded webinars after that date.

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